Video installation series

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This 5 channel video installation documents the journey of small Origami boats, fitted with national flags of various countries, as they travel along the gutter of a street in Brooklyn’s low-rent neighborhood of many South American immigrants, Bushwick, where the artist used to reside. The movies are projected on empty cardboard boxes scattered in the space. One video shows a team of firemen opening a fire hydrant to flood the street, a neighborhood substitute for air-conditioning. Another shows a kid picking one of the paper boats out of the water. Those lively little boats carry the life stories of the immigrants, and also the artist himself’s history of moving from Japan to the United States.

The title of the piece references a common early 20th century colloquial farewell at the Okinawa docks as ships carried family members away to foreign lands in search of a better life.

AV system, cardboard boxes, projector