cut-out leaves and brass acorns

Federal Reserve

Jonathan Miller estimated Central Park's value at $528,783,552,000. This idea of considering the value of Central Park was a driving motivation for me when creating this work from collected Central Park leaves. While Central Park holds monetary value, the park is much more than that, and a price cannot be placed on it. My questions raised are wondering if the leaves are the property of Central Park, and can a price be placed on the individual fallen leaves? What if the leaves were a currency? These questions connected with my other Monopoly works. Some of the leaves have cut-out Monopoly chance cards messages. Acorns from Central Park, casted in brass, serve the role as tokens in the game. Euro currency denominations and serial numbers are also projected onto some of the leaves. 

Images Courtesy of Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London

leaves, gold, bronze, white brass, yellow brass