Futures Video Installation

2014-2015 Go-Betweens: The World Seen through Children

“Futures” video installation

“Futures” is part of the group touring exhibition “Go Betweens: The World Seen through Children,” organized by Mori Art Museum, The Yomiuri Shimbun and The Japan Association of Art Museums.

Small flowers, young butterflies, larva and children: all these lives are growing up in the same manner, sharing the forest in Takae Village, the northern part of Okinawa. The small insects and children from the village share the same curiosity, innocence and enthusiasm. In this same area, local villagers are trying to save the natural environment from the Japanese government’s ongoing development for US military facilities and new heliports. 

The government continued the development, despite claims from scholars and experts who seek assistance protecting the biodiversity of the forest in Takae Village. The landscape is transforming to an environment where villagers encounter US military guerrilla training facilities.

Two separate video images are projected on the front and back. Sounds from each side merge and distract from the initial image.

Pictured: Installation view at Mori Art Museum.
Images Courtesy of Mori Art Museum.