Cut-out newspaper installation

It's about me, it's about you

"Tens of thousands to rally against osprey deployment"
–Ryukyushimpo newspaper

"Opposing osprey deployment and discrimination"
–Okinawa Times newspaper

Both major Okinawan newspapers reported the protests held on September 9th, 2012 against the US and Japanese government's plans to deploy the infamous military aircraft 'Osprey'. The front page newspaper images resemble the protest images for democracy and human rights in Middle Eastern countries, in Georgia, in Basque and from all over the world.

Experimenting with words and languages, I projected letters over the main picture saying, "It's about me, it's about you" and "There is a truth bigger than geopolitics." This was done in Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Georgian and Basque. I then cut-out the silhouette of these sentences. By installing the newspaper to hang from above, the viewer is able to look through the cut-out letters of the front page, revealing the newspapers with the same sentence in different languages. By traveling from one language to another, the mutual goals and connections between all the human rights movements appear. This shows that all people are gathering together in the same way with a common dream.

cut newspaper