The all time favorite story

The Giving Tree Project

Inspired by Shel Silverstein’s book “The Giving Tree”

The first outside installation of this project was created as a public artwork for APAP (Anyang Public Art Project, Korea) in 2005. I assembled tree twig letters in both the English and Korean languages, with “The Giving Tree” quote “cut down my trunk and make a boat then you can sail away.” I placed the text onto cut and fallen trunks in the woods, without any official caption indicating the work as a part of the show. My motivation was to maintain the existing environment, while activating a message from the mountain, to parallel the way the tree speaks within “The Giving Tree.”

I exhibited the second installation in 2007 at Murata & Friends Gallery, Berlin, Germany. I used the same quotation from the book, but translated the text into German and placed the text onto the wooden planks that covered the gallery’s floor. The third installation was on view at Daimler Contemporary, Berlin, Germany in 2008.

For the book cut-out, I was fascinated by the narrow space appearing between pages while a book is open upright. I made this architectural space visible with the spreading branches.

twigs, wooden floor planks, book, glue